“What she finds is a shocker, and though you might see the first twist coming, nothing will prepare you for the second one.” – io9

Monsters nominated for 2016 Casting Society of America Artios Award. – The Hollywood Reporter

“Every once in a while, we’ll stumble upon a new horror short film that really blows us away, both in execution and in style. This is one of those shorts.” –

Bloody Disgusting

“Director Steve Desmond brings you a heart-stopping short that will leave you guessing until the end.” – BloodyDisgusting

Monsters on Ain't It Cool News

“Hot damn is this one cool, with skilled and deliberate frame compositions, sound effects, and tension galore. The young lead, Caitlin Carmichael, gives a damn impressive performance as a young lady simply trying to survive.” – Ain’t It Cool News

Monsters - FSH Winner

“A sharp, startling burst of horror, folding multiple genre accents (post-apocalyptic horror, sci-fi, coming-of-age tales) into a twisted structure.” – Fun Size Horror


“The best horror and sci-fi films play as stylized reflections of real world fears. A couple of years ago, Monsters might have felt like a bit of a stretch. These days, it feels a little closer to home than it should.” – CutPrintFilm


“Post-apocalypse films are a dime a dozen, but very few manage to shock, titillate, and surprise as the short film Monsters does.” – We Are Indie Horror


“I have never seen anything quite like Monsters. The concept is fresh, creative and as clear as a bell.” –

Gruesome Magazine

With Monsters, director Steve Desmond delivers an impactful, emotional short film that skirts the boundaries of science fiction and horror in the same vein as classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. – Gruesome Magazine

Horror Buzz

It is rare that a short film creates a world so entirely, yet Monsters delivers. – Horror Buzz

Bleeding Critic

“The horror magic with this short film is after watching it. I love it when a film remains in your mind.” – Bleeding Critic

Cinema Crazed

Monsters is a proposed segment for an anthology. I’d love to see it made somewhere, since if all the segments are this memorable and creepy, we’re in store for a bang up horror thriller.” – Cinema Crazed

Monsters on Film Shortage

“Deep on emotions and suspense, Monsters keeps us on the edge from beginning to end.” – Film Shortage

7th Matrix

“Dark and deeply unsettling.” – The 7Th Matrix

First Showing

“An excellent throwback to The Twilight Zone.” –

Watch This

“Questions current issues in a thrilling and though-evoking way.” – Watch This Space Film Magazine

Creepy Pasta

Dread Central

Films Short

Monsters is on Digg

Monsters - Horror Society

Fun Size Horror

One Film Fan

“Post-apocalypse films are a dime a dozen, but very few manage to shock, titillate, and surprise as the short film Monsters does.” – We Are Indie Horror

“Packed with suspense from its opening shot first moment to its shocking finale.” – Geek Art Gallery

“I just watched a short film that is nothing short of astonishing. This one packs a punch that many feature films only attempt to achieve.” – Horror Show

“One of the best short films watched so far… brilliant filmmaking!” – Short Film Blog